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Everyday Painkillers

These are the faces of the prescription opioid crisis. Explore the memorial. Take action.

Prescribed To Death, 2018
Chicago, IL

Client: National Security Council
Agency: Enerygy BBDO
Production Company: Mssng Peces
Director: Tucker Walsh
Exhibition & Experience Design: Hyphen-Labs
Fabrication: Shane Roberts, RMI
Creative Technologist: Rodrigo Aguirre

ONE in FOUR Americans has been impacted by the opioid crisis. This important new project, directed by Tucker Walsh with an experience designed by Hyphen-Labs, is a collaboration with the National Safety Council and Energy BBDO.

“Stop Everyday Killers” is a public education campaign that debuted in Chicago with “Prescribed to Death,” an installation featuring thousands of pills carved with human faces. The pills represent the 22,000 people who died from opioid addiction last year, as well as the lives we continue to lose. Every 24 minutes, the memorial carves an additional pill, representing the frequency with which victims succumb to their addiction.

Digital Impact
Over 11 million video views
2,017% increase in shared Facebook impressions
404,4000+ earned impressions in the first 24 hours
1,008,415,240 earned impressions overall
104,000+ Warn Me Labels distributed

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