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Hyphen-Labs is an ether based design duo, led by Ece Tankal and Carmen Aguilar y Wedge.

Resisting contemporary consumption-based technologies, Hyphen-Labs explores absurdities that emerge at the edges of “this” and “that”. Hyphen-Labs challenges conventions and stimulates conversations, placing planetary needs and collective experiences at the centre of our current evolving narratives.

It all began in 2013...

Ece and Carmen met in Barcelona during their masters in Architecture and Interaction design at Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya (IaaC). Ece, a Turkish Architect, and Carmen, an engineer from USA/Mexico, began working together in 2015 under Hyphen-Labs. Their practice synthesizes architecture, design, technology and installation art to produce experiences focused on human and planetary centered design.

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Services: Design, Direction, Strategy & Management
Art & Creative Direction
Experience Design
Creative & Technical Production
Attraction Planning and Design
Content Development 


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