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Anything to Declare?

What is a border? What defines a threshold? How do these man made lines bend, mutate, contain and eject?
Where are the outlines porous and where do they leak?

Anything to Declare? TheHost.IS, 2023
Residency @ Deichtorhallen Hamburg & Kampnagel
Host: Hyphen-Labs
Artists: Liva Dudareva, Pablo Somonte Ruano and Jazmin Morris

Exploring the ideological associations with the concept of borders, the second season of THEHOST.IStakes a unique look at the invisible walls that confine, demarcate, and define our experiences. Guided by design duo Hyphen-Labs the three artists featured in this exhibition consider the pluralities associated with borders to rediscover hidden histories, negotiate possible futures, and uncover alternative presents.

ANYTHING TO DECLARE? is an interdisciplinary research-led residency that aims to redefine real and imagined spaces as well as the digital and physical experiences of everyday life. By uncovering the jarring divisions that are at play in our world, the presented projects intertwine post-detonative geofutures, speculative hardware inspired by Caribbean culture and anti-capitalistic utopias of counter-economies.

With soundscapes designed by Renu Hossain and cellist Peter Pearson.

THEHOST.IS is a hybrid residency program by Deichtorhallen Hamburg and Kampnagel. It is part of the project »Diversify the Code« which is supported by the German Federal Cultural Foundation’s Kultur Digital program.

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