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[AR]boreal Servers

In Encrypted Augmented Reality universe ‘the Synaptic Lineage’ re-forests paved squares and turnes them into memory libraries where viewers can store, re-distribute and access ancient and collective wisdom.

[Ar]boreal Servers, 2023
Photographers Gallery, London, UK

Creative Direction: Hyphen-Labs
Writing: Ash Baccus-Clark
AR Developers: Anton Babinski Studio
Commissioned by: HERVISIONS & Photographer’s Gallery

Arboreal Servers is an audio-visual “consciousness” garden and a digital reforestation project planting the first seeds in Soho’s Photographers Quarter, London, UK.

A futurescape that peeks into the inner workings of a bespoke technology called the Synaptic Lineage, a garden capable of saving and storing earth's memories created by a gifted, rouge neuroscientist named Brooks. Her copyrighted neuronal migration service transports and transforms burdensome memories accelerating the healing process from underground brain salons called neurocosmetology labs. Brooks populates her findings into a healing garden where users can observe as destructive memories are archived and a forest of trees emerges. 

Designed as an augmented reality work, the piece is accessed through a web application for mobile devices, it is a site-specific public artwork and a repository for the safe docking of future memories.

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