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Insidious Rising

How will we feel the cascade effects of warming glaciers?

In collaboration with Google Arts & Culture the Heartbeath of the Earth campaign commissioned various artists to reflect on the data and produce a web experience bringing attention to climate change.

What would life be like in an ice free world?

An ecological cascade effect is a series of secondary extinctions triggered by the primary extinction of a key species within an ecosystem.

A mobile first data story by artist collective Hyphen Labs (global) collaborating with the Union of Concerned Scientists and poet and Indigenous spokesperson Allison Akootchook Warden, invites you to discover through your touch the multiple factors & issus our planet faces symbolised in the melting of a glacier.

The artwork explores the cascade effects of accelerated warming, cryosphere thaw, and rising sea levels and how the connection between all three issues could trigger ecological collapse - from prehistoric viruses emerging to the cascading effects of crops and bees vanishing.
Data sourced from the UN's IPCC special report.

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