LEKA Opensource Restaurant

Leka is a restaurant locally developed in Poble Nou 22@ district, it was manufactured in FabLab Barcelona with the support of a net of local providers and craftsman who completed the process.


The restaurant is conceived as an open source platform, where all the knowledge is shared to everyone and gives it a unique character. By this way, all the designs, the recipes and the nutrition advice can be download from the restaurant web site.


The project is organized by families: furniture, acoustic elements, interactive elements, etc. Each one requires a different constructive system, the furniture must be tough and prepared for a constant movement, ceiling with a geometry that breaks the sound, the paneling with perforations, etc. For the development, we create a special design program to each family, obtaining exportable and original systems. This design is based on developing common elements in each family.

Thus, furniture construction system shares the same turn the different triangles of the ceiling and so on.


- See more at: http://fablabbcn.org/2016/02/16/leka-opensource-restaurant.html



Developed by: FabLab Barcelona

Category: Architecture

Client: LEKA Restaurant

Team: Anastasia Pistofidou

Miguel Guerrero




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