Category: Exhibition &Experience Design,

          Curation,  Production, Programming

Team: Hyphen-Labs

          Ece Tankal

          Carmen Aguilar y Wedge

          Romy Gad el Rab

          Jazmin Morris




Higher Resolution x Tate Exchange 2019

Hyphen-Labs takes over the Tate Exchange, inviting users into a minimalistic mise en scène of familiar everyday places.  Analogous to the digital spaces we exist and operate in (internet forums, social networks, private groups and direct messages); these spaces explore the public and the private, with all varying levels of intimacy in-between. The Town Hall, Park Bench, Living Room and the Loo become the  backdrops for discussions, workshops and performances about  the hardware, software and humanware that drives technology and informs our future as well as our relationships and emotions. Free cookies on us.




Women Like Me (Melissa Wills), Comuzi (Alex Fefegha & Akil Benjamin), Noah Levenson, Marija Bozinovska Jones, Internet Age Media (Andres Colmenares & Lucy Black-Swan),  Mahsa Alimardani, Frederike Kaltheuner (Privacy International) , David Carroll, Ravi Naik,  Carole Cadwalladr,  Filipe Vilas-Boas, Natalie Kane, Ekin Bernay, Paul Graham Raven - Superflux,  Onada (Ana Maria Toro)  Multimedia Anthropology Lab, UCL (Maya Hope Chaldecott, Sophie Mei Birkin, Deborah Tchoudjinoff Hermione Spriggs & Raffaella Fryer),  Melanie Hoff (Cybernetic Library), Joanna Skorupska (Radicalzz Studio), Random Happiness- (Gastón Lisak, Carlos J.Navarro & Nicole Vindel), Matteo Guarnaccia & Francesco Tagliavia, Conor Rigby-The Feminist Internet, Daniel Sabio aka The Glad Scientist,  Cached Collective (Clément Bouttier, Ryan Dzelzkalns, Jon Flint, Vytas Jankauskas, Joana Mateus, Aline Martinez & Felipe de Souza)  Libby Heaney, Georgina Voss,  Irene Tokini Fubara-Manuel,  Gabriel Bianconi ,  Memo Akten,  Kenric McDowell, Julia Piekarczyk, Big Brother Watch, Janus Rose, Vivienne Griffin, Mimi Onuoha and Mother Cyborg , Diane Zilliox, Ted Hunt,  Kajal Odera (, Melody Party (access Now), Sam Jeffers (Who Targets me), Karoline Iwanska (Panoptykon Foundation) Ahmed Razek (BBC), Anna Bacciarelli (Amnesty International)  Rachel Coldicutt (Doteverone), Lucie Parker (Fawcett Society), Mozilla Foundation


How Did We Get Here?Floor Schematic

Stop That Future! Stop That Feature!


The Town Hall, The Park Bench, The Living Room & The Loo


Tate Late, Performances & Workshops




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