Client: B.A.D.

Category: Interaction Design

Team: TL3


          Pangea Reality

          Musa Bajo el Arbol

bad box

BAD BOX is a project developed for  Built by Associated Data (BAD) by TL3. A wearable solution for interactive presentations, this briefcase gives a new type of experience to clients.  Explore its contents to find an engaging architectural visualization tool integrating emerging technologies, digital tools, and traditional craft work allowing Architects and Clients to understand its digital and physical content in real time.


B.A.D. developed three site specific design solutions to address traffic noise, view orientation, solar radiation, building program, and market potential.  The three varying designs optimized the parameters to its highest possible performance. While the options vary in appearance and organization, they all solve the project issues with their specific massing strategy. They are quantitatively optimized and qualitatively conceived.


Architects showcase their work inside a handcrafted wood and leather briefcase when opened reveal, 3d printed buildings with augmented reality tags.  Hold the scaled buildings and visualize them in their terrain using the K1299 iPad Application. Moving around the site, each building comes to life. Swipe through floor plans, animated simulations and site specific analytics such as sun path and noise gradient map.